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Common Questions

Where are your leads coming from?

Our leads are generated from where the retail customer can complete a loan request online. In addition, we also receive leads through

  • affiliates
  • search engines
  • banner ads
  • SEO placement
  • fixed integration

Our partnerships with a large volume of web sites continuously route "Quote Requests" to our database where filters are applied with the criteria that you have selected.

What do your leads cost?

Our non-exclusive mortgage leads are made available to multiple brokers and are sold on average 2.21 times depending upon geographic location and/or filtering criteria demand. Filters include loan type, credit rating, property type, loan amount, LTV, and state.

CUSTOM FILTERS (additional criteria) - For each of the items listed above under additional criteria. To use this feature of, log into your account and under Lead Criteria, you can select Requested Loan Amount and LTV as your additional filters.

When will we receive leads?

Leads based on your criteria are generated from our database and are delivered to you throughout the day in real time shortly after a borrower completes one of our Quote Request forms online and the customer inputted contact information is electronically checked for accuracy. Additionally, you can purchase discounted leads by Cherry Pick® our database.

How many brokers receive the non-exclusive leads?

Our non-exclusive mortgage leads are sold on average 0.5 times to our brokers. Our leads are sold a maximum of 4 times each. Individual leads are sold based upon filtering criteria which may affect the number of time a lead is sold. Filters include loan type, credit rating, current interest rate, property type, loan amount, LTV, property value, and state.

How will I receive my leads?

You will receive your leads real-time via cell phone text message (SMS), email and in the Lead Management System.

Are the leads real-time?

Our partnerships with a large volume of web sites continuously route "real-time" loan requests to our database where they run through a contact information validation and de-duping process, then your filter criteria is applied. The leads are then delivered to you instantly within seconds of the consumer completing the online request.

How fast can I get my leads?

You have complete control over how fast you get your leads. Here is how it works:

  • You can start receiving leads instantly as soon as you sign up and add funds to your account., It's that simple!
  • You may choose to cherry pick from our existing leads.  immediately and set up many Rel time filters that will grab leads as soon as a customer fills out a loan application.

    When are the leads delivered?


    How many leads should I buy?

    Working Internet leads is a numbers game and is much different than working an inbound phone call to your business. Buying 2, 3 or 4 leads just doesn't work. Our most effective brokers buy a minimum of 5 or more leads a day per Loan Officer depending on other inbound marketing efforts, with application rates in the 20%-40% range and funding rates in the 5%-15% range. We suggest you buy a minimum of 50 leads to effectively evaluate the Cost per Funded Loan on these efforts and create a sales process for your Loan Officers to ensure success.

    Can we buy leads by zip code criteria?

    No, you are able to buy leads based on the following basic criteria: Loan Purpose, Credit Rating, Property Type and State.

    Can we choose our own leads?

    Yes, you can with Cherry Pick®. Cherry  picking our database has never been easier. We also tell you how many times the lead you are seeing has been sold and how old it is. One lead can be sold maximum 4 times.

    Do you have a return policy for bogus leads?

    Automatically Routed Leads: Returning leads couldn't be easier. Simply go to the "Lead" after logging into your account at Then click on Ask for Refund and give us a reason for returning within 5 days of purchase. We will credit any lead that contains false or incomplete contact information from leads. We guarantee the lead to have a valid name, one valid contact phone number, a valid address, and from a customer who submitted a request for more information on a mortgage loan. We do not guarantee that their home value, requested, loan amount, credit quality, or interest rate is exactly correct as these are estimates entered by the consumer when completing the application. Since our leads are non-exclusive, we do not guarantee the customer has not changed their mind about obtaining a loan or that the customer has not started a loan process with another Loan Officer, so these is not a valid reason for a dispute. WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOU'RE RESULTS OR THAT YOU WILL CLOSE ANY LOANS WITH OUR LEADS, so these are not valid reasons to dispute a lead. We recommend contacting the customer as soon as you get the lead so you can be the first to earn their business. reserves the right to monitor your returns and will call each leads you dispute to verify the validity of your disputes. In the event we determine in good faith that your dispute is without merit according to our lead return policy, in addition to not receiving a credit of the lead cost, your account will automatically be charged an dispute validation fee of $10 for each disputed lead proven to be without merit. SiteTools reserves the right to change or adjust this policy without notice.

    Cherry Pick® Leads: Cherry Pick leads seven days old or younger are returnable 5 days from the day you purchased the lead under the same criteria as above. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS WILL BE GIVEN FOR Cherry Pick LEADS OVER SEVEN (7) DAYS OLD. Since these tend to be older, yet discounted leads, there is a chance the customer may be working with another Loan Officer. However, we find that brokers still have a great return on their investment on our older leads.

    Is selling to the Internet customer any different?

    Yes! Which is why we have developed our FREE training called "Selling the Online Customer". This comprehensive sales training will provide you with unique ways to work the Internet customer both in terms of process and sales pitch. We provide you with a method and template tools that will guarantee your success! Our training has proven successful by the thousands of brokers and lenders who have adopted these techniques, to help them stand out from the crowd.

    What about regulatory issues like the DNC or CAN-SPAM act?

    SiteTools has adopted strict compliance rules to protect the privacy of consumers. We contractually require all marketing partners to do the same by their adopting a strict adherence to both the CAN-SPAM ACT of 2003 and the rules promulgated under the National Do-Not-Call Registry Act as well as various state privacy laws. We capture date & time stamp as well as IP address for when a customer "opted in" to be contacted regarding their Quote Request. In those rare instances when there appears to be criminal activity such as Identity Theft or when there is a customer who simply misunderstands or is misinterpreting the laws application to them, we encourage you to contact us. Our customer service department and our in-house legal counsel are standing by to help you address these issues with the customer and to resolve their concerns. We protect ourselves and our Lending customers with the most comprehensive compliance policies and practices of any Lead company in the industry…bar none! We are proud of our compliance program which is why today such serious issues occur on average in less than 0.25% of our leads.

    As a lead Provider is SiteTools responsible for compliance with the Do-Not-Call laws?

    No. You, as the person who is actually calling the consumer to sell your loan services, are responsible for compliance with the Do-Not-Call laws. SiteTools, despite our efforts to ensure our leads are within Do-Not-Call legal guidelines, cannot legally stand in your place and absolve you from your responsibility to be in compliance with the law. State and federal Do-Not-Call registries exist to prevent unsolicited telemarketing calls, not calls from persons who have asked to be contacted. Under Federal rules (and most all states), “safe harbors” exist to allow a consumer to expressly grant permission to be contacted even though they have registered their phone number with a state or federal Do-Not-Call registry. A consumer submitting a Quote Request via the internet to SiteTools is granting permission to be contacted and under safe harbor rules they may be contacted up to 90 days after they submitted the permissive contact Quote Request. We, along with those affiliates contracted with us, take extraordinary steps to ensure the consumer knows and understands that by submitting their Quote Request they are granting express permission to be contacted by one or more brokers or lenders signed up with us, even if they are registered on a Do-Not-Call registry. We also provide to the consumer a list of all brokers and lenders subscribing to our service who may be contacting them. Finally we record the date, time and IP address for all Quote Requests received by us and can make such data available to you should you need to show when and from where permission to be contacted occurred. NEVERTHELESS, and despite our extraordinary efforts, current law holds you, the caller (telemarketer) responsible to comply with the Do-Not-Call rules. THEREFORE, if you are unsure about your exposure to fines under the Do-Not-Call laws, we recommend that you work with your independent counsel to develop and implement a compliance plan for your business.


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